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Dominican Republic

Located on Hispaniola, second island of the Greater Antilles by size (48.000 km2), between Cuba and Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, offers the greatest diversity of landscapes of all Caribbean

Central Cordillera, massive mountainous where the pico Duarte to 3.087 m culminates, with the fine sand beaches being spread out over a third of the 1.600 kms of coasts, you will fall under the charm from the permanent luxuriance from an exceptional flora.

 Privileged destination of world tourism, "the secrecy kept best of Caraîbes", opens today its doors on your dreams of paradise.

Swept by the geostrophic ones, permanent tropical heat is soft, oscillating there of an estival maximum higher than 30 degrees the day (of July October has), with a night winter minimum of 20 degrees (from December to Mars).


 The undeniable attraction exerted on each one by the formidable joy in life reigning everywhere in the streets in the heart of this Democratic Republic is at every moment confirmed life by the hospitality of these cordial people.

Rich person of a tormented past, the cultural diversity of the current population, speaking Spanish (official language), gets to him the assets of a remarkable tolerance, filled by an exceptional kindness.
 Stripped of any poisonous animal, this island, where one can as well practise the rafting in mountain as to admire the thousands of humpback whales reproducing each year in bay of Samana, offers a multitude of facets of which each one will be able to benefit with its intimate leisure.
Rocked bachata or merengué, the quality of life is here the departure and the finality of any thing.